CITGARD Returns to Power John Hunter Nemechek at Texas

Nemechek on Texas:
"Texas was one of the races I ran last year with Front Row Motorsports, so you always look forward to going back to a place where you had good experiences. Having the same crew when we go back is helpful and I’m confident in where we’re going as a team. We already have a notebook from running at Texas last year, so hopefully we can start off close. As a mile-and-a-half track, Texas is basically Kentucky reversed. The track is going to change a lot with the PJ1, so as a driver, you need to find the best line to run while adapting to various conditions.
"It’s great to have CITGARD back on board with us this weekend, and we want to extend a special welcome to FleetPride Service Centers to the CITGARD family. CITGARD heavy duty engine oils are now available at all 43 FleetPride Service Center locations across the US. I’m looking forward to a great run at Texas this weekend, and a great result for our partners."

John Hunter Nemechek Ready for All-Star Open with YANMAR America

Nemechek on Bristol All-Star Event:
"I feel pretty good about our chances to get into the All-Star Race. When you look at where we finished earlier this year at Bristol, most of the guys in front of us are already in the race. We have to make the most of the situation we’re in, and I think we’re going into Bristol in a good situation.
"Bristol has been good to me ever since I started my career in NASCAR. It’s high-banked and really fast, which suits my driving style. I’ve always liked to run there. You have to attack from the start, search for grip, use multiple lines and figure out where you can run best. It’s a lot of fun. If I could race at Bristol every single weekend, I would.
"I’m really looking forward to having fans back with us and running on Wednesday night. I think it’s a very unique thing that NASCAR has been able to accomplish this year. It’s one of those things that we’re able to give back to fans and supporters. I’m glad that we have YANMAR America with us one more time and it’s great that they’ll be able to watch their car on track from the stands."

Post-Race Report: Kentucky

No. 38 YANMAR America Ford Mustang
Started: 22nd
Finished: 36th (out)
  • Stage One: 29th
  • Stage Two: 29th
  • Stage Three: 36th (out)
  • Following a random draw for starting position, John Hunter Nemechek took the green flag in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series event at Kentucky Speedway in 22nd place. He noted on Lap 6 that his No. 38 YANMAR America Ford Mustang was “free to start” and was experiencing a lot of splitter bounce. At the Competition Caution, Nemechek pitted for 4 tires, fuel and a wedge adjustment. As Stage 1 came to a close, Nemechek was still loose and still bouncing off the splitter. He would take the green- and-white checkered flag a lap down in 29th position and pitted under caution for 4 tires, fuel and a track bar adjustment.
  • Nemechek continued to struggle with the handling of his No. 38 YANMAR America Ford Mustang in Stage 2. He radioed to the team on Lap 116 that the splitter bounce was worse and when he was “behind someone in traffic, I just get loose.” He noted a few laps later that he was “wrecking loose center off” and eventually made a green flag pit stop for 4 tires, fuel, wedge and packer adjustments. When the caution came out on Lap 153, Crew Chief Seth Barbour made the call for Nemechek to pit for another packer adjustment and in the few short green flag laps remaining in Stage 2, Nemechek said that his handling had definitely improved. He would finish Stage 2 in the 29th position.
  • Two laps down and without a wavearound opportunity, Nemechek pitted for 4 tires and fuel at the final Stage Break Caution. As Stage 3 got underway, Nemechek noted that his No. 38 YANMAR America Ford Mustang was finally in a place where he felt comfortable and his handling had improved. After making contact with the wall on Lap 243, Nemechek sustained heavy damage to the right side of the car, and the crew was unable to make enough repairs on pit road. He would retire to the garage and finished in 36th place.
Nemechek on Kentucky:
  • “Wasn’t the day we were hoping for in our No. 38 YANMAR America machine. We were loose to fire off and we were hitting the splitter, and it got worse before it got better. Seth and the crew tried a few different adjustments, but by the time we were able to get the handling to a better place, we were already multiple laps down and then we made heavy contact with the wall, which ended our day. Hate that for the team and our partners at YANMAR America. Everyone has worked so hard to get our Front Row Motorsports cars ready each week. We’ll regroup and focus on having a good run in the All-Star Open and getting our YANMAR America Ford Mustang into the All-Star Race on Wednesday."

YANMAR America Back with John Hunter Nemechek at Kentucky

Nemechek on Kentucky:
"I’ve felt pretty comfortable at Kentucky in both Trucks and Xfinity, but it’s also a little different at the Cup level. This race is going to be about figuring out what I need as a driver and how to use the air to your advantage to create runs/passes. At Kentucky, Turns 1 and 2 are pretty self-explanatory of the line that you can run. [Turns] 3 and 4 has changed over the years with the PJ1, etc. I’ve enjoyed being able to change that up and make it a completely different corner from anywhere else we run.
"With every race, track position is huge. Every spot counts, especially now without practice and qualifying, you have to adapt to any and every situation during the race. You've got to really be paying attention to the balance and figure out how to apply what you've learned watching video, in the sim and looking at data leading up to the race. I know that Seth, the engineers and the whole crew have worked hard in the shop to get this car ready.
"I'm excited to have YANMAR America on our No. 38 Ford Mustang this weekend. They were one of the first Front Row Motorsports partners I worked with last year and I'm looking forward to getting them a good result."

Post-Race Report: Indy

No. 38 Fire Alarm Services, Inc. Ford Mustang
Started: 19th
Finished: 15th
  • Stage One: 17th
  • Stage Two: 17th
  • Stage Three: 15th
  • After a delayed start due to lightning in the area, John Hunter Nemechek took the green flag in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the 19th position. At the Competition Caution on Lap 12, he radioed to the team that his No. 38 Fire Alarm Services, Inc. (FAS) Ford Mustang was snug in all four corners and that he needed “help with turn center off.” He was on pit road for 4 tires, fuel and a track bar adjustment when a wreck happened on pit road directly in front and alongside Nemechek’s pit box, but he did not sustain any damage. He would stay there for a brief red flag and restarted the race in 21st place. Through the rest of Stage 1, Nemechek tried to experiment with the throttle and his driving line, but still struggled to “keep it turning in traffic.” He would take the green- and-white checkered flag in the 17th position.
  • Crew Chief Seth Barbour made the call for Nemechek to stay out at the Stage 1 Caution, allowing him to start Stage 2 in 11th place. He still battled some tightness in traffic with his No. 38 FAS machine but noted that he was good running by himself. By the end of Stage 2, Nemechek radioed to tell the team that previous adjustments had helped and that he could turn better in traffic, but he could still stand to be a tick freer. He would finish Stage 2 in the 17th position.
  • Nemechek took the green flag to start the day’s Final Stage in the 18th place. During a caution on Lap 124, Nemechek noted that his No. 38 FAS Ford Mustang was “free to fire off” and “tightened up as the run goes on.” He managed to stay inside of the top 20 for much of the stage. When a caution came out with less than 10 laps to go, Nemechek did not pit and restarted P13. He was involved in a last-lap wreck, but kept it rolling to take the checkered flag in 15th place.
Nemechek on Indianapolis:
  • “It was a hard-fought day for our No. 38 Fire Alarm Services, Inc. Ford Mustang. We were tight in traffic to start and it was difficult to keep the car turning when I was behind another car. Seth and the crew made some good adjustments throughout the day that helped our handling a lot. We got caught up there at the end, but still had a decent top-15 day. I’m proud of our Front Row Motorsports team’s continued effort in the shop and at the track each week. Huge shoutout to FAS and Digital Ally Body Cameras for coming on board with us today. We’ll regroup this week and come back ready for Kentucky."

John Hunter Nemechek looks for Speed at Indy with Fire Alarm Services, Inc.

Nemechek on Indianapolis:
"Indy is such a historic track. One of the coolest things about going there is driving through the tunnel and seeing the museum right when you come out. For myself personally, it's a special place. I grew up driving my little toy car around the motorhome lot while dad raced on track and now I get to be the one to strap into the racecar on Sunday.
"Indy is all about speed and consistency and trying to hold your own. I think strategy is also going to come into play. Hopefully we can learn a lot in the first half of the race and set ourselves up to really race in the second half of the day. This is my first race at Indy in a Cup car, and second or third time overall, so I'm looking forward to trying to fine tune as we go along and make the most of whatever situation we're in on Sunday. I know that our Front Row Motorsports team is going to build us a fast Ford Mustang.
"We know that we want to run every lap to gain as much experience as we can and set ourselves up for a great finish. We've got Fire Alarm Services, Inc. and Digital Ally Body Cameras on the car so I really want to have a strong run for them. Their support has really helped us to strengthen our program."

Post-Race Report: Pocono II

No. 38 Death Wish Coffee Ford Mustang
Started: 24th
Finished: 19th
  • Stage One: 20th
  • Stage Two: 23rd
  • Stage Three: 19th
  • John Hunter Nemechek started the second of this weekend's doubleheader races at Pocono Raceway in 24th place. Shortly after taking the green flag, the race was paused for 50 minutes due to rain. Once the engines refired and the race restarted, Nemechek pitted for 4 tires, fuel and a track bar adjustment after noting that his No. 38 Death With Coffee Ford Mustang was tight in traffic, but otherwise fired off free. He said the handling improved as the run went on, and finished Stage 1 in the 20th position.
  • Nemechek continued to battle a tight car in traffic through Stage 2. By the end of the stage, he said his No. 38 Death Wish Coffee machine had been a little free to fire off, but then it started getting tighter. Nemechek would take the green- and-white checkered flag to end Stage 2 in 23rd place. He would stay out under the Stage Break Caution.
  • As the sun set over Pocono Raceway during the Final Stage, strategy played a factor as uncertainty over the amount of daylight remaining continued to build. Nemechek was still noting that he was tight in traffic by Lap 104. With less than 20 laps remaining, Crew Chief Seth Barbour made the call for Nemechek to pit for 2 tires (only) and fuel. He would work his way into the top 20 and finished in the 19th position.
Nemechek on Pocono:
  • “Wasn't quite the day we were hoping for at Pocono Raceway, but we finished better than we did in yesterday's race, and that's an accomplishment for us. Our No. 38 Death Wish Coffee Ford Mustang was decent in clean air, but we just couldn't make it work in traffic. I was too tight whenever I got behind another car and we couldn't quite get the handling right in order to really make the kind of gains we wanted to on track. I'm proud of my team and thankful for their effort. Really appreciate Death Wish Coffee and Rich Mar Florist coming aboard with us again today. We'll regroup this week and head to Indy."

Post-Race Report: Pocono

No. 38 Death Wish Coffee Ford Mustang
Started: 20th
Finished: 24th
  • Stage One: 26th
  • Stage Two: 27th
  • Stage Three: 24th
  • Following a short weather delay, John Hunter Nemechek took the green flag in Saturday's race at Pocono Raceway in the 20th position. He noted early on that his No. 38 Death Wish Coffee Ford Mustang was tight in all corners, and particularly rough going over the bumps in Turn 2. At the competition caution, Nemechek took 4 tires, fuel and a significant track bar adjustment to try and free up his racecar. By the time he finished Stage 1 in 26th place, he said the adjustments helped but he still needed to be freer.
  • Nemechek stayed out under the Stage Break Caution. Despite needing to be freer, Nemechek managed to crack his way into the top 10 as Stage 2 got underway. During a cycle of green flag pit stops, Crew Chief Seth Barbour made the call for 4 tires, fuel and a wedge adjustment to continue freeing up Nemechek's No. 38 Death Wish Coffee machine. On Lap 64, Nemechek got loose underneath while passing the No. 27 car and made contact, bringing out a caution for debris. Luckily, Nemechek sustained only minor damage. After a round of repairs, he took the green- and-white checkered flag in the 27th position.
  • Nemechek had a quiet Final Stage in his No. 38 Death Wish Coffee Ford Mustang. He radioed on Lap 90 that his handling was "possibly still a touch tight." He continued to struggle with that tightness through the rest of the race, crossing the finish line in 24th place.
Nemechek on Pocono:
  • “We fired off pretty tight in our No. 38 Death Wish Coffee Ford Mustang today at Pocono. We made some adjustments to try and free it up and made some progress, but I just got loose under the 27 at one point, and slid up into him a little. We still struggled toward the end of the race and needed to be freer on our runs, but we made some good notes for tomorrow. Really appreciate our partners at Death Wish Coffee and Rich Mar Florist for coming on board with us this weekend and I'm glad we have another chance tomorrow for a great finish."

John Hunter Nemechek Doubles Down with Death Wish Coffee at Pocono

"I'm so ready to get back in the car after our run in Talladega. We came so close to winning and as a driver, that's what you crave more than anything.
"Pocono is a challenging track to start with and it's hard to get your setup right in all three corners even when you do have practice and qualifying. It will be interesting to see how everyone approaches the weekend, but our Front Row Motorsports team has done a great job getting our cars ready at the shop. Luckily, we'll have two chances to try to get to Victory Lane.
"Death Wish Coffee is back on our No. 38 Ford Mustang for both races at Pocono. They've been a great partner for a long time and they've got some really cool contests coming out for people to win free coffee and other swag. It's cool to see them stepping up their partnership and I'm looking forward to getting them a win this weekend.”

Nemechek Earns Career-Best Finish, Rookie of the Race at Talladega

Started: 22nd
Finished: 8th
  • Stage One: 16th
  • Stage Two: 14th
  • Stage Three: 8th
  • John Hunter Nemechek started Monday's rain-delayed race at Talladega Superspeedway in the 22nd position following a random draw to determine the starting lineup. The handling on his No. 38 Death Wish Coffee Ford Mustang was "kind of all over the place" in the early parts of the race and the team made a wedge adjustment and added grille tape during the Competition Caution to try to give him more stability. Towards the end of Stage 1, Nemechek reported that he was a bit tight, particularly off of Turn 2, where the wind had picked up. Shortly after reporting that, the skies opened up and the race was paused for nearly an hour under Red Flag conditions. Once the cars refired, Nemechek finished Stage 1 in 16th place.
  • As Stage 2 got underway, Nemechek noted that his No. 38 Death Wish Coffee Ford Mustang was "tight running the bottom in traffic." On Lap 94, he had a tire going down, which caused him to spin on the frontstretch, bringing out a caution. Nemechek would pit several times for the crew to change tires and assess (minimal) damage. Once the race restarted, Nemechek managed to battle his way into the top 10 at times, reporting that he was still "a little snug, but not bad." He would go on to finish Stage 2 in the 14th position.
  • With rain no longer a factor, John Hunter Nemechek settled in for the Final Stage. By Lap 134, Nemechek did not have any issues to note with his No. 38 Death Wish Coffee machine. He radioed that the car was pretty good and that he was "just trying not to be in the middle of the mess" with about 50 laps to go in the race. It was going to be a close call on fuel, but with a caution on Lap 185, Nemechek was able to pit to top up on fuel. In a thrilling final lap, Nemechek made contact with another car just before the start-finish line, but still took the checkered flag in the 8th position, his career-best finish thus far. He also finished highest among the Sunoco Rookie-of-the-Year candidates, earning him the "Rookie of the Race" award.
Nemechek on Talladega:
  • “We had a really great run in our No. 38 Death Wish Coffee Ford Mustang today. I really thought we had a shot at it at the end there, but I'm still proud of our entire team's efforts. When we fired off, we were kind of tight, and then we had that tire go down in the second stage, but we managed to come back from it and battled into the top 10 by the end. I wish we would have won that thing, but a P8 finish at Talladega is still good for us and I want to thank everyone on the team for their support. I'm looking forward to giving Death Wish Coffee another chance at the checkered flag at Pocono."